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Thread: God Bless Ted Nugent !!

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    Just re-read the article in ANU about Ted Nugent showing up at a Texas Governor's Conference dressed-in a Confederate Flag and berating Mestizos. Bravo! The only man in Texas with any balls

    Don, I know the ANU Radio Show is suspended ... Any chance of getting and publishing an interview with Ted Nugent? Ted's my hero! Guns and Guitars! And he only knows three chords!

    Wish I had the Cojones to wear a Confederate Battle Flag to work. Drives the commies crazy!

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    The Confederate Battle Flag is a symbol of freedom for White people, which is why the elites and nonwhites hate it so much!

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    Rich! RICH. You'll love how he politely calls one disembodied media head stupid in the 3rd person! The poor cluck isn't paid to get actual answers, he's paid to noodge Ted into a cosy little crevice called "You're right! Outspoken political incorrectness does lead to violence -- I'll stop!"

    NewsLink•Entertainment: Music</font></font>

    <a title="Go directly to" href="" target="_blank" target="_blank">
    <h1>Ted Nugent on the 2nd Amendment &amp; Voting the Pigs Out of Office</h1></font></a>
    <h2 style="color: rgb(102, 0, 0);">Ted Nugent threatens to murder Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, hilarity ensues</h2> inton-barack-obama/11416/

    ENCORE! </span></span>+nugent</span>+interview</span>&amp;aq=0</font>

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    <h1 style="color: rgb(102, 0, 0);">Iowa paper reports Ted Nugent said, "There's a lot of white people in this crowd -- I like that!"</h1>
    August 20, 2010 12:05 pm ET by Eric Hananoki

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