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    In response to Max Cunningham's "How to Invest During a Time of War", guilty as charged. Almost all of us are guilty of apathy. If so many of us could get excited about Libertarian Ron Paul, I know we could at least match that excitement for a Nationalist group. So what can we do?
    Meetup Groups. The Ron Paul Campaign took full use of this. offers you a chance to meet like-minded individuals, whether it be spelunkers or numismatists, in your area. Groups can be founded for as low as $12 a month. (If anyone is from the Houston area and interested, send me a private message.)
    How about an ANU store? Hats, shirts, bumper stickers, etc. I don't how much of a money maker this would be, but there are several sites out there that take care of all the printing and shipping while still giving you a portion of the sale. All you have to do is submit the design.
    Last, if the ANU is closely allied with groups like the CofCC and others, why are we splintering? Why continue to have ten or twenty miniscule organizations when we could have one fair-sized group?

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    Greetings, Jaybird -- good thoughts. I wouldn't necessarily call it splintering, though God knows there's enough of that in our movement. Many forces can make for a much bigger impact and it's good to have spares of everything. IMHO, the ANU covers the entire spectrum of ethnic/tribal, socio-political reality, while the CofCC provides a home for the many people out there who can handle racial reality in black/white/yellow/brown terms but not the obviously key Jewish subjects including the scourge of Marxist taxation per se.

    Meetup groups are excellent, another incredibly good fruit of the digital age. Are you in a Ron Paul unit?

    I still have my Populist Party mug! [img]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img]

    Please let us hear from you more often.

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    Thanks Nelson, I will try to post more as well. I didn't know that about the CofCC, I thought they were "tuned in" to the Zionist agenda. And yes, I am (although not very active since Paul dropped out) in a RP Meetup group. No way in h-e-double hockey sticks was I going to vote for Bob Barr and I haven't really paid much attention to this Campaign for Liberty stuff.
    I'm tired of having to suppress my views to fit in to libertarian or Constitutionalist camps. I would really like to be a member of a nationalist organization that's not full of white trash or FBI agents.
    I posted a message on Craig's List to see if anyone was interested in starting a Houston-area nationalist group. Besides Nigerians, I did get a few responses but those all turned out to be Bush-bots who didn't read the "No Neo-Cons Allowed" sign.
    Ah well, I think I'll give a shot anyhow. For $45 I can set up a group for three months and I don't see any silly rules about "hate groups". Maybe I can get a few friends to sign up at least.

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    Most or probably all in the CofCC are totally hip to the Jewish problem. All groups can't do everything, though, and it's ideal to have a huge variety of groups for people to choose from according to their own bent. Helps keep the skeer on the enemy, too!

    I think Don's choice of the word "nationalist" is a master stroke but many in the general public have no clue what it means (which actually helps us). You might want to put out feelers for fellow "Constitutionalists", "Jeffersonians" or simply "political realists" next.

    BTW, what does the word nationalist mean to you?

    If the ANU and CofCC chiefs dont know of people in your area, Id think both papers (NT and CI) would be happy to put a notice in that youre holding an organization meeting at such and such time and place and welcome comers. Once announced, the date must of course be carved in stone changing or canceling it will permanently ruin credibility.

    Always good to line up a special speaker of some kind when possible.

    Bush-bots ROTF!!!! Too true. </span>


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    A Tea Party April 15, 2009

    I attended a "Tea Party" in a small town.

    Devy Kidd's latest article on 'Tea Parties" came to mind as I stood there in the crowd of Judeo-Christians:

    And also Anthony Gregory:

    "Herding" Yes.

    IIRC, during the first tea parties, they killed people dead who got in their way.

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    C of CC: We Feel Sidney's Pain

    Lack-tivism affects all American Nationalist and Racialist organizations. The below text is another plea by an exasperated Nationalist leader, who works his tail off and can't get five people to donate to the organization. It harkens back to an article in Nationalist Times some years ago entitled "Move That Decimal Point." Subscribers are prodded to contribute $300 a year instead of mererly thirty. I feel Sid's pain:

    "10 X 1,000 GIVES CofCC THE WORLD

    If 1,000 CofCC members and supporters would kick in $10 per month in voluntary contributions, or tithes, or gifts or however one may characterize it, that would come to $10,000 per month, or $120,000 per year, roughly the remuneration of a country doctor or lawyer. Now, if these same people would kick in an extra $100 twice per year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall--and anyone can scrape up a C-Note twice a year for a hobby he or she is really "into"--then that would be an income for the CofCC of $320,000 per year over and above income from dues. That $320,000 per year would be our seed money to prime the pump, that would bring in yet more money. Such a sum would enable us to have a headquarters facility; an internet, printing and media center; the capability to improve and enlarge the Citizens Informer; to develop a book catalog; to hire a small staff to handle correspondence and distribute a much larger number of newspapers; funding to publish a whole range of books by kindred authors; production money to produce and sell CDs and DVDs; and very importantly, the ability to fund our chapters activities, which we have not been able to do for some time. It also gives us the wherewithal to assure our race will survive into the 22nd Century; to win back the USA; and perhaps thusly the Western World. Ten dollars is also the price of a 12-pack of cheap domestic beer--so which will it be--the beer or saving our culture and civilization? Let not the epitaph engraved on the Cosmic tombstone of the White race be: "They preferred the beer".

    Sidney Secular"

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