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Thread: 300 Congressmen Swear Allegiance 2 Israel

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    I wasn't sure if this was posted elsewhere (on Apparently, 300 Zionist shills on "Crapitol sHill" swore their allegiance to a foreign nation...Israel. Yet, the MSM & their sheeplized followers claim the Z.O.G is just a "racist conspiracy theory"?!! [img]smileys/smiley24.gif[/img][img]smileys/smiley7.gif[/img]

    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><t><tr><td colspan="2" ="t18B" valign="top">Nearly 300 Congress
    members declare commitment to 'unbreakable' U.S.-Israel bond</span>

    <td colspan="2" valign="top"></td>

    <td colspan="2" ="t11B" valign="top">
    By Natasha Mozgavaya, Haaretz Correspondent

    Nearly 300 members of Congress have signed on to a
    declaration reaffirming their commitment to "the unbreakable bond that
    exists between [U.S.] and the State of Israel", in a letter to Secretary
    of State Hillary Clinton.

    The letter was sent in the wake of the severe recent tensions
    between Israel and the U.S. over the prior's decision to construct more
    than 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem, a project it announced
    during U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's visit to the region.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took advantage of his trip to the
    United States this week to try to mend the rift with the Obama
    administration, but he was greeted with cold welcome by the White House.

    </span>Netanyahu also met during his visit with members of Congress, who
    welcomed him with significantly more warmth.

    The letter from Congress expresses its "deep concern" over the
    U.S.-Israel crisis, and emphasizes that lawmakers had received
    assurances from Netanyahu that the events leading up to the recent
    tensions would not be repeated.

    Letter from members of Congress

    Dear Secretary Clinton:

    We are writing to reaffirm our commitment to the unbreakable bond
    that exists between our country and the State of Israel and to express
    to you our deep concern over recent tension. In every important
    relationship, there will be occasional misunderstandings and conflicts.

    The announcement during Vice President Biden's visit was, as
    Israel's Prime Minister said in an apology to the United States, "a
    regrettable incident that was done in all innocence and was hurtful, and
    which certainly should not have occurred." We are reassured that Prime
    Minister Netanyahu's commitment to put in place new procedures will
    ensure that such surprises, however unintended, will not recur.

    The United States and Israel are close allies whose people share a
    deep and abiding friendship based on a shared commitment to core values
    including democracy, human rights and freedom of the press and religion.
    Our two countries are partners in the fight against terrorism and
    share an important strategic relationship.

    A strong Israel is an asset to the national security of the United
    States and brings stability to the Middle East. We are concerned that
    the highly publicized tensions in the relationship will not advance the
    interests the U.S. and Israel share. Above all, we must remain focused
    on the threat posed by the Iranian nuclear weapons program to Middle
    East peace and stability.

    From the moment of Israel's creation, successive U.S.
    administrations have appreciated the special bond between the U.S. and

    For decades, strong, bipartisan Congressional support for Israel,
    including security assistance and other important measures, have been
    eloquent testimony to our commitment to Israel's security, which remains

    It is the very strength of this relationship that has, in fact, made
    Arab-Israeli peace agreements possible, both because it convinced those
    who sought Israel?s destruction to abandon any such hope and because it
    gave successive Israeli governments the confidence to take calculated
    risks for peace.

    In its declaration of independence 62 years ago, Israel declared:
    "We extend our hand to all neighboring states and their peoples in an
    offer of peace and good neighborliness, and appeal to them to establish
    bonds of cooperation and mutual help with the sovereign Jewish people
    settled in its own land."

    In the decades since, despite constantly having to defend itself
    from attack, Israel has repeatedly made good on that pledge by offering
    to undertake painful risks to reach peace with its neighbors.

    Our valuable bilateral relationship with Israel needs and deserves
    constant reinforcement.

    As the Vice-President said during his recent visit to Israel:
    "Progress occurs in the Middle East when everyone knows there is simply
    no space between the U.S. and Israel when it comes to security, none.
    No space."

    Steadfast American backing has helped lead to Israeli peace treaties
    with Egypt and Jordan. And American involvement continues to be
    critical to the effort to achieve peace between Israel and the

    We recognize that, despite the extraordinary closeness between our
    country and Israel, there will be differences over issues both large and

    Our view is that such differences are best resolved quietly, in
    trust and confidence, as befits longstanding strategic allies. We hope
    and expect that, with mutual effort and good faith, the United States
    and Israel will move beyond this disruption quickly, to the lasting
    benefit of both nations.

    We believe, as President Obama said, that "Israel's security is
    paramount" in our Middle East policy and that "it is in U.S. national
    security interests to assure that Israel?s security as an independent
    Jewish state is maintained."

    In that spirit, we look forward to working with you to achieve the
    common objectives of the U.S. and Israel, especially regional security
    and peace.





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    <td colspan="1">

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    Anybody should be able to look </span>at those names and see....... how truly divine diversity is!

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    Nelson, here's the full list of Zionist pawns...

    Signatories to Hoyer-Cantor Letter

    Reaffirming the U.S.-Israel Alliance

    Total Number of Signatories: 327

    House Member Party State

    Ackerman, Gary D NY

    Aderholt, Robert R AL

    Adler, John D NJ

    Akin, Todd R MO

    Alexander, Rodney R LA

    Altmire, Jason D PA

    Andrews, Rob D NJ

    Arcuri, Mike D NY

    Austria, Steve R OH

    Baca, Joe D CA

    Bachmann, Michele R MN

    Bachus, Spencer R AL

    Barrett, Gresham R SC

    Barrow, John D GA

    Bartlett, Roscoe R MD

    Barton, Joe R TX

    Bean, Melissa D IL

    Berkley, Shelley D NV

    Berman, Howard D CA

    Biggert, Judy R IL

    Bilbray, Brian R CA

    Bilirakis, Gus R FL

    Bishop, Rob R UT

    Bishop, Sanford D GA

    Blackburn, Marsha R TN

    Blumenaur, Earl D OR

    Blunt, Roy R MO

    Boccieri, John D OH

    Boehner, John R OH

    Bonner, Jo R AL

    Bono Mack, Mary R CA

    Boozman, John R AR

    Boren, Dan D OK

    Boswell, Leonard D IA

    Boustany, Charles R LA

    Boyd, Allen D FL

    Brady, Kevin R TX

    Brady, Robert D PA

    Braley, Bruce D IA

    Bright, Bobby D AL

    Broun, Paul R GA

    Brown, Corrine D FL

    Brown, Henry R SC

    Brown-Waite, Ginny R FL

    Buchanan, Vern R FL

    Burgess, Michael R TX

    Burton, Dan R IN

    Calvert, Ken R CA

    Camp, Dave R MI

    Campbell, John R CA

    Cantor, Eric R VA

    Cao, Anh "Joseph" R LA

    Capito, Shelley Moore R WV

    Cardoza, Dennis D CA

    Carnahan, Russ D MO

    Carney, Chris D PA

    Carter, John R TX

    Cassidy, Bill R LA

    Castle, Michael R DE

    Castor, Kathy D FL

    Chaffetz, Jason R UT

    Chandler, Ben D KY

    Childers, Travis D MS

    Chu, Judy D CA

    Clarke, Yvette D NY

    Clyburn, James D SC

    Coble, Howard R NC

    Coffman, Mike R CO

    Cole, Tom R OK

    Conaway, Michael R TX

    Connolly, Gerry D VA

    Cooper, Jim D TN

    Costa, Jim D CA

    Courtney, Joe D CT

    Crenshaw, Ander R FL

    Crowley, Joseph D NY

    Culberson, John R TX

    Cummings, Elijah D MD

    Davis, Artur D AL

    Davis, Geoff R KY

    Davis, Lincoln D TN

    Davis, Susan D CA

    Dent, Charlie R PA

    Diaz-Balart, Lincoln R FL

    Diaz-Balart, Mario R FL

    Donnelly, Joe D IN

    Doyle, Mike D PA

    Dreier, David R CA

    Driehaus, Steve D OH

    Duncan, John R TN

    Edwards, Chet D TX

    Ellsworth, Brad D IN

    Emerson, JoAnn R MO

    Engel, Eliot D NY

    Etheridge, Bob D NC

    Fallin, Mary R OK

    Fattah, Chaka D PA

    Filner, Bob D CA

    Flake, Jeff R AZ

    Fleming, John R LA

    Forbes, Randy R VA

    Foster, Bill D IL

    Foxx, Virginia R NC

    Frank, Barney D MA

    Franks, Trent R AZ

    Frelinghuysen, Rodney R NJ

    Fudge, Marcia D OH

    Gallegly, Elton R CA

    Garamendi, John D CA

    Garrett, Scott R NJ

    Gerlach, James R PA

    Giffords, Gabrielle D AZ

    Gingrey, Phil R GA

    Gohmert, Louie R TX

    Gonzalez, Charlie D TX

    Goodlatte, Robert R VA

    Gordon, Bart D TN

    Granger, Kay R TX

    Graves, Sam R MO

    Grayson, Alan D FL

    Green, Al D TX

    Green, Gene D TX

    Griffith, Parker R AL

    Guthrie, Brett R KY

    Hall, John D NY

    Hall, Ralph R TX

    Halvorson, Debbie D IL

    Hare, Phil D IL

    Harman, Jane D CA

    Harper, Gregg R MS

    Hastings, Alcee D FL

    Hastings, Doc R WA

    Heinrich, Martin D NM

    Heller, Dean R NV

    Hensarling, Jeb R TX

    Herger, Wally R CA

    Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie D SD

    Higgins, Brian D NY

    Hill, Baron D IN

    Himes, Jim D CT

    Hodes, Paul D NH

    Hoekstra, Peter R MI

    Holden, Tim D PA

    Holt, Rush D NJ

    Honda, Mike D CA

    Hoyer, Steny D MD

    Hunter, Duncan D. R CA

    Inglis, Bob R SC

    Israel, Steve D NY

    Jackson, Jesse, Jr. D IL

    Jenkins, Lynn R KS

    Johnson, Hank D GA

    Johnson, Sam R TX

    Johnson, Tim R IL

    Jordan, Jim R OH

    Kagen, Steve D WI

    Kilroy, Mary Jo D OH

    Kind, Ron D WI

    King, Peter R NY

    King, Steve R IA

    Kingston, Jack R GA

    Kirk, Mark R IL

    Kirkpatrick, Ann D AZ

    Kissell, Larry D NC

    Klein, Ron D FL

    Kline, John R MN

    Kosmas, Suzanne D FL

    Kratovil, Frank D MD

    Lamborn, Doug R CO

    Lance, Leonard R NJ

    Langevin, Jim D RI

    Latham, Tom R IA

    LaTourette, Steven R OH

    Latta, Bob R OH

    Lee, Christopher R NY

    Levin, Sander D MI

    Lewis, Jerry R CA

    Lewis, John D GA

    Linder, John R GA

    Lipinski, Daniel D IL

    LoBiondo, Frank R NJ

    Lowey, Nita D NY

    Lucas, Frank R OK

    Luetkemeyer, Blaine R MO

    Lujan, Ben Ray D NM

    Lummis, Cynthia R WY

    Lungren, Dan R CA

    Lynch, Stephen D MA

    Mack, Connie R FL

    Maffei, Dan D NY

    Maloney, Carolyn D NY

    Manzullo, Donald R IL

    Marchant, Kenny R TX

    Marshall, Jim D GA

    Matheson, Jim D UT

    Matsui, Doris D CA

    McCarthy, Carolyn D NY

    McCarthy, Kevin R CA

    McCaul, Michael R TX

    McClintock, Tom R CA

    McCotter, Thaddeus R MI

    McGovern, Jim D MA

    McHenry, Patrick R NC

    McIntyre, Mike D NC

    McKeon, Howard "Buck" R CA

    McMahon, Michael D NY

    McMorris Rodgers, Cathy R WA

    McNerney, Jerry D CA

    Meek, Kendrick D FL

    Melancon, Charlie D LA

    Mica, John R FL

    Michaud, Mike D ME

    Miller, Brad D NC

    Miller, Candice R MI

    Miller, Gary R CA

    Miller, Jeff R FL

    Minnick, Walt D ID

    Mitchell, Harry D AZ

    Moore, Dennis D KS

    Moran, Jerry R KS

    Murphy, Patrick D PA

    Murphy, Scott D NY

    Murphy, Tim R PA

    Myrick, Sue R NC

    Nadler, Jerrold D NY

    Napolitano, Grace D CA

    Neugebauer, Randy R TX

    Nunes, Devin R CA

    Nye, Glenn D VA

    Oberstar, James D MN

    Olson, Pete R TX

    Owens, Bill D NY

    Pallone, Frank D NJ

    Pascrell Jr., William D NJ

    Paulsen, Erik R MN

    Pence, Mike R IN

    Perlmutter, Ed D CO

    Peters, Gary D MI

    Pierluisi, Pedro D PR

    Pingree, Chellie D ME

    Pitts, Joseph R PA

    Platts, Todd R PA

    Poe, Ted R TX

    Posey, Bill R FL

    Price, Tom R GA

    Putnam, Adam R FL

    Quigley, Mike D IL

    Radanovich, George R CA

    Rehberg, Dennis R MT

    Reichert, Dave R WA

    Reyes, Silvestre D TX

    Richardson, Laura D CA

    Rodriguez, Ciro D TX

    Roe, Phil R TN

    Rogers, Harold R KY

    Rogers, Mike R AL

    Rogers, Mike R MI

    Rohrabacher, Dana R CA

    Rooney, Tom R FL

    Roskam, Peter R IL

    Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana R FL

    Ross, Mike D AR

    Rothman, Steve D NJ

    Roybal-Allard, Lucille D CA

    Royce, Ed R CA

    Ruppersberger, C.A. Dutch D MD

    Ryan, Paul R WI

    Salazar, John D CO

    Sanchez, Linda D CA

    Sanchez, Loretta D CA

    Sarbanes, John D MD

    Scalise, Steve R LA

    Schakowsky, Jan D IL

    Schauer, Mark D MI

    Schiff, Adam D CA

    Schmidt, Jean R OH

    Schock, Aaron R IL

    Schrader, Kurt D OR

    Schwartz, Allyson D PA

    Scott, Bobby D VA

    Scott, David D GA

    Sensenbrenner, James R WI

    Sessions, Pete R TX

    Shadegg, John R AZ

    Sherman, Brad D CA

    Shimkus, John R IL

    Shuler, Heath D NC

    Shuster, William R PA

    Simpson, Mike R ID

    Sires, Albio D NJ

    Skelton, Ike D MO

    Smith, Adrian R NE

    Smith, Christopher R NJ

    Smith, Lamar R TX

    Souder, Mark R IN

    Space, Zack D OH

    Speier, Jackie D CA

    Spratt, John D SC

    Stearns, Cliff R FL

    Stupak, Bart D MI

    Sullivan, John R OK

    Sutton, Betty D OH

    Teague, Harry D NM

    Terry, Lee R NE

    Thompson, Glenn R PA

    Thornberry, William R TX

    Tiahrt, Todd R KS

    Tiberi, Pat R OH

    Titus, Dina D NV

    Tonko, Paul D NY

    Towns, Edolphus D NY

    Tsongas, Nikki D MA

    Turner, Mike R OH

    Upton, Fred R MI

    Velazquez, Nydia D NY

    Visclosky, Peter D IN

    Walden, Greg R OR

    Wamp, Zach R TN

    Wasserman Schultz, Debbie D FL

    Waxman, Henry D CA

    Weiner, Anthony D NY

    Westmoreland, Lynn R GA

    Wilson, Joe R SC

    Wittman, Rob R VA

    Wolf, Frank R VA

    Young, C.W. Bill R FL

    Young, Don R AK

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    Thanks -- shocking. No surprise with SC's Inglis or Joe "you lie" Wilson, but Gresham Barrett really knows better!

    I was just watching the unintentionally damning documentary An Empire Of Their Own (How the Jews Invented Hollywood -- the film of the book) over my "fourthmeal" and was struck all over again by its pitiful attempts to prettify and dignify the rape of ameriKa by feral gewcreeps. Your list of pols is the same thing from another angle.

    Who among the founding fathers would have foreseen that 100+ years after Washington's first swearing in, the Congress and half of Christendumb would switch their loyalty from God, family, America, or the Constitution, etc. to an execrable nest of bandits flimsily passing themselves off as "God's chosen people".... and that ameriKa would thus turn its brains, money and very OWNERSHIP over to these repugnant pirates and lowlifes?

    Of course, the Founders knew a lot about gew reality, but how could they have had a clue that homo proboscidae</span> would rip off the Scriptures so massively with their cretinous "rebuilding" of ancient Israel? /B0009HMTEO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&amp;s=dvd&amp;qid=1269828371& amp;sr=1-1

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