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Thread: Nationalist France, the Le Pen Legacy

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    From, 12Mar11: "Mademoiselle Marine deserves her rightful shot at leading Nationalist France. Read her statements at .... "Sarkozy ne fait rien, le FN a un plan d'action ..." Many nationalists worldwide have carefully read Mlle Le Pen's political statements, and observed her in action. Most conclude that she is authentic as her father's heir-apparent, mixing a traditional Gaulliste sentiment with France-first populism. Her main motto is essentially "The Debate is Over" i.e. pro-White, pro-France policies need no longer to be defended, only implemented! Heritage and Destiny in England has reviewed FN's recent activities, and delivers a general approval of Marine Le Pen in charge. She indeed has energy, charisma, and devotion to her father's legacy. ... And just look at the scum that has misled France over the years: Valery Giscard d'Estaing, Francois Mitterand, Jacques Chirac, Georges Marchais (the Communist Party chief, serving as the "Loyal opposition"),and now the odious Nicolas Sarkozy, Sark the Shark, merely a full-fledged Zionazi who makes even Socialistes in France blush. ... Let's extend an American Nationalist hand to FN and Marine Le Pen. We need STRONG nationalist allies in Europe to advance American Nationalism ... and FN needs our support too -- France is CRAWLING with unwanted, unproductive Moslem North Africans who need to be removed from La Belle France!

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    I believe Marine is in the club of racialist new right leaders in Europe who give lip service to Israel and Zionism. But she, like a lot of people who have imperfections, would be so much preferable to the alternative we've just got to have her, that's all!

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