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Thread: White Racial Anxiety

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    Is white racial anxiety pushing American white people toward revolution??
    </span>Does anybody really trust the Republican Party or (compromised) Tea Party Republicans to turn the tide of 3rd world legal and illegal immigration sweeping across this once majority white Christian land?
    How bad does it have to get in order for white America to wake up and realize their children will have no future in this country without some radical changes now!

    <h1>Kevin MacDonald: “A Corrosive Loss of Confidence”</h1>
    <div>A3P News Team | August 13, 2010 | Comments (0) </div>

    Ron Brownstein’s latest suggests that a political crisis is on the
    horizon, spurred by the disaffection of White voters and possibly
    leading to revolutionary stirrings and a movement toward a third party
    (“A Corrosive Loss of Confidence“).


    Even as voters prepare to send more Republicans to Washington,
    polls show that Americans are not enthusiastic about the GOP. Indeed,
    the arc of disillusionment spreads beyond the two parties to virtually
    every major American institution. If November’s election allowed
    Americans the opportunity to fire not only members of Congress, but also
    the nation’s entire public and private leadership class, they might
    take it. This deep, broad, and visceral discontent is a recipe for
    social and political volatility.


    Whites are more alienated from both major parties than non-Whites.
    Brownstein proposes that this is solely due to the economic downturn. I
    suspect that White disaffection also involves racial anxiety
    about the non-White future. Non-Whites doubtless feel optimistic about
    the long term future in a White-minority America, even if their present
    circumstances are difficult.

    There is an apocalyptictone to Brownstein’s essay—a belief that our
    new elite is out of touch with the great majority of Americans, that
    revolution may be just around the corner, and that third parties may be
    swept into power:


    If polls existed just before the French Revolution, they might
    have returned results such as these. They point toward a widely shared
    conviction that the country’s public and private leadership is
    protecting its own interest at the expense of average (and even
    comfortable) Americans.


    Because he sees the economic downturn as central, Brownstein sees a
    successful third party as headed by “a non-politician with a
    problem-solver pedigree” who is seen as able to turn the economy around.

    He may be right, but the American Third Position believes that a
    prime mover of White disaffection is racial anxiety—amplified by the
    recession and by the perception that elites are completely out of touch
    with the interests and attitudes of the great majority of Americans.
    Good examples of the latter are recent court rulings that nullify
    popular sentiment on issues like the Arizona immigration law and
    California’s ban on same-sex marriage. Indeed, today’s op-ed page in the
    LA Times shows the divide: Thepro-homosexual marriage piecepiously defending the courts and the anti-homosexual marriage piece emphasizing the undemocratic nature of the ruling: The “people’s will” was violated.

    There is a feeling of powerlessness–that even strong majorities
    don’t matter any more. And that is indeed what revolutions are made of.
    <h3>Quotes from the Establishment</h3>

    <q>It’s horrifying to imagine kids being proud to be white.</q> <cite>—Newsweek, Sept. 14, 2009</span></cite>

    <cite>The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face
    so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur
    any opposition other than from committed white supremacists. <cite>—Noel Ignatiev, history professor at the Massachusetts College of Art</span>, Harvard Magazine, Sep-Oct 2002</span></cite>

    <cite><cite>I don’t care about your idiot children. <cite>—Willie Brown, black Mayor of San Francisco, to a white parent complaining that affirmative action would penalize his children</span>, quoted in The Social Contract (Summer 1998, p. 290)</span></cite></span></cite></span></cite>

    suggest that people like American white males have been discriminated
    against is absurd and flies in the face of historical fact. <cite>—Kevin O’Grady, ADL Director</span></cite>


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    Whites are slow to anger and rebel and will even forgive many atrocities against our people, and the "elite" Whites and/or nonwhite enemies will become complicit that the Whites won't fight back but then the Whites are pushed too far and a day of reckoning comes.

    The time and trigger can not be predicted but when it comes, it is a terrifying time for the enemies of our people.

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