The Prosperity Equation
It’s much more simple than the politicians would have you believe. They argue about things like who should pay more tax and who should pay less. They fuss about stimulus packages and budgets they never can balance. All the while they ignore the plain, simple, and obvious truth. Prosperity = production. Some might prefer to say, “Prosperity is directly proportional to production.” Others might say, “Prosperity has a positive correlation with production.” However stated the fact remains; No person, no family, no enterprise, no nation can long endure if consumption (prosperity) exceeds production. For consumption to exceed production one must either steal, borrow, or sell off assets. None of these is sustainable. It is abundantly clear that the only path to prosperity is to increase production. So why is our government deliberately decreasing production? Why do they set quotas to limit farm production then import food? Why do they forbid drilling to decrease our oil production then import oil? Why do they allow manufacturing jobs to move to Asia when they know it decreases our industrial production? Why do they expect us to believe that the silly things they argue about really matter? The Dreadful Demise of Diligent Dan is a short story, an allegory that clearly illustrates these facts. It’s free. You won’t be asked for any information. Just enjoy the read at