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Thread: White Advocate's Letter to the Editor 3/12/2012

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    White Advocate's Letter to the Editor 3/12/2012

    Writer sees nothing good about ‘diversity’ agenda

    Arthur Breese, co-chairman of the Luzerne County Diversity Commission, should be focusing on the disproportionate violent crime perpetrated by blacks in Wilkes-Barre instead of trying to influence the city government with his “diversity” agenda.

    Maybe the reason many people are resistant to “diversity” is that the “diversity” Mr. Breese advocates has turned once prosperous and safe cities into crime-ridden cesspools. Detroit, Mich., and Camden, N.J., are only two examples.

    It’s a shame that Mayor Tom Leighton seemingly lacks the guts to fight this “diversity” fraud, but you can rest assured that the European American Action Coalition will publicly oppose the Luzerne County Diversity Commission and its agenda.

    Steve Smith


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    I'm shocked that the media actually allowed such a comment to get out into the public. I'm sure someone will lose their job over that one.

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    Welcome to the forum Skorzeny369!

    "Diversity" is where the nonwhites from a third world slum are moved into a White area and are allowed to drive the Whites out and create a third world slum in a once civilized area. The Whites move into the wilderness and build a new first world settlement then in a few years the "elite" called for the White settlement to be "diversified" and the nonwhites from old White settlement that been turned into a new third world slum are moved into the new White settlement and the process starts again.

    This a common practice of what conquers do to the vanquish. Yankee (Northerners) may ask what war did they lose; whereas, Southerners can point to Lee's surrender though the resistance continued and lead to limited home rule for about 80 years until the Southern "elite" betrayed the Southern people, but Yankees have nothing to point to. The secret is that when Lee's surrendered, when the Third Reich surrendered, when the Whites' Armies fled Russia all of these were defeats of the White race even though except for the Reich most may not fully have comprehended that. Even the gunning down of draft protestors in the Streets of New York in 1863 was a defeat of the White race.

    The "Diversity" that Mr. Smith is opposing is simply the moving of nonwhite forces into White areas in order to murder, rape, and loot and drive the Whites into the wilderness again.

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