An article entitled "Four TV Celebrities, a Pilot and a Stewardess Suffer Sudden, Incoherent Events"

Note that this article from quotes information that was made public in 1998. Who knows how far the research has advanced on mind-scrambling weapons over the last fourteen years?

It seems unlikely that a pilot would be abusing drugs since pilots are required to take frequent physicals and drug tests. It seems as though whoever possesses these brain-scrambling weapons wants our government to know that they have have them, considering that four TV personalities and two incidents on planes have occurred so that each incident was a highly public event.

Is it the Chinese or the Russians or maybe the Mossad that is showing us what they can do? Imagine a presidential debate and Romney suddenly starts babbling gibberish (well more than usual). Americans would think he was having a stroke. This is an extremely interesting series of events, and medical science does not appear to have any plausible explanations aside from migraine headaches. Is it simply a bizarre series of coincidences or a new technology being demonstrated in a way that people in power canít help but notice?