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Thread: Liberal Insanity

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    Liberal Insanity

    Liberals logic or religion?

    Any one who tries to figure out liberals logic (insanity) gets very confused.

    "All Races are equal and should be judged on merit."

    "Jews are superior to everyone in every way."

    "Blacks are better athletes, stronger, faster, and more agile then Whites and just as smart."

    "Hispanics" are better workers and baseball players and just as smart as Whites.

    "Asians are smarter then Whites."

    "Whites are stupid, evil and lazy."

    "So everyone is equal."

    "So blacks and Jews are equal?"

    "What are you some type of racist Nazi!?!

    " Jews are superior to everyone in every way."

    "Asians are smarter then blacks since Whites are equal to blacks?"

    "That's racist stereotyping. Blacks and Asians are equal"

    "But how can blacks be as smart as Asians if Asians are smarter then Whites and blacks are just as smarts as Whites."

    "That's racist logic!"

    "But how can people be superior and equal at the same time?"

    "That's a racist question. It is simply a scientific fact"

    "Where's the proof"

    "Scientific fact need no proof, they are proven."

    "Then how does one know that they are true"


    "Like religion?"

    "Heretic! Science is the oppose of religion. Science is based on Scientific fact that the high priest of science have give us, which is why we need to burn heretic's books and heretics."

    But your arguments are based on nothing but unproven facts lies"



    “Lies need the support of government-truth can stand by itself.”-Thomas Jefferson

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    Notice the Washington County, WA logo on a building's front window in this horrible story:

    The population is only 6.2% Black, but "In 1986 a motion was introduced by Ron Sims (a black Democrat from Seattle), and Bruce Laing (a white Republican from suburban Renton) to change the namesake to Martin Luther King, Jr.[3] No public votes or hearings were taken on the change" (Wikipedia).

    State population:

    Non-Hispanic Whites 72.5%
    Black or African American: 3.6%

    The Wikipedia page on WA state highlights its "Russian-American" population, but going to a site it mentions ( the first name you see there in English happens to be attorney Anna Goykhman's promo, suspiciously not Russian if you know what I mean. A bit further down the page, one for Nelly Bardman MD, also not Russian, and an embedded video "cool facts about Israel."

    Randomly spotting a "Platon Elenin" link and remembering that years ago we were told a Comet Elenin was menacing the earth, I check Wikipedia and find it's unrelated: Platon Elenin is a sometime alias of the despicable "Russian" (actually international) robber baron Boris Berezovsky.

    They're everywhere -- if you know what I mean!
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    Recent headlines seem to indicate blacks have an aversion to being photographed?

    A black in the background of a picture I once took told me I had to talk to his manager if I was going to use the shot. ???

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